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SWAC bets big on the Celebration Bowl League drops its own championship to [...]

Questions. Questions. Questions. There were lots of them coming out of the Southwestern Athletic [...]

Le’Coe Willingham to become head women’s coach at Fort Valley State Will [...]

WNBA veteran Le’Coe Willingham, the new women’s head basketball coach at Fort Valley State [...]

This Southern University grad is turning Houston’s crack houses into homes F [...]

Leslie Smith — 6-foot-3, bald, with a debonair look — may have GQ magazine appearance on the [...]

Rhoden Fellows podcast: Talking NBA free agency Our very own Justin Tinsley ta [...]

This week on HBCU 468, the Rhoden Fellows spoke to Justin Tinsley, culture and sports writer for [...]

NFL vets Mike Tomlin, Michael Vick and Aaron Brooks can’t wait to see who’ [...]

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and former NFL quarterbacks Michael Vick and Aaron Brooks say [...]

Grambling’s Tanner Raiburn getting his MLB shot with the Boston Red Sox Tige [...]

Many are called, but few are chosen. Over the course of three days in June, 30 Major League [...]

These HBCU entrepreneurs’ Afrocentric focus continues to change the clothing [...]

In 1989, Spike Lee’s movie Do The Right Thing sparked a national conversation about black pride [...]

What do independence and freedom mean to black college students? It’s a [...]

The Fourth of July has come and gone, but conversations about freedom and independence don’t get [...]

Shaw president Tashni-Ann Dubroy leaving to become Howard’s executive vice [...]

Tashni-Ann Dubroy, who served as president of Shaw University since 2015, is moving to Washington, [...]

Veronica Chapman’s new children’s book is about helping black girls [...]

While at Spelman College in Atlanta, Veronica N. Chapman figured out two things: She wanted to help [...]

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