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Talladega College raises more than enough money to attend Donald [...]

Crazy how the tide can change. One week after news that Talladega College’s band would [...]

View from the Hilltop: Hitting rock bottom Howard suffers an embarrassing lo [...]

When James Daniel went down with a left ankle injury before the start of the season, the Howard [...]

Cam Newton’s younger brother Caylin will play football at Howard University H [...]

In true signal-caller fashion, Caylin Newton opted to call his own play — and break his own news, [...]

Talladega College Marching Tornadoes will perform at Trump inauguration After [...]

The Talladega College Marching Tornadoes have formally accepted the invitation to perform in [...]

View from the Hilltop: Star’s return can’t rescue Howard James Daniel, th [...]

The Howard Bison ended 2016 with a disappointing 67-46 loss at Harvard, which made for a long New [...]

View from the Hilltop: Episode 9 ‘We still believe we can win a championship [...]

When the Howard Bison returned to campus on Dec. 26 after a three-day Christmas break, the team [...]

Most Undefeated 2016: HBCU The Undefeated staff discuss their most memorable HB [...]

Related Content Bayou Classic: Fans Sound off about the 5th Quarter UNCF summit exposes HBCU [...]

Spelman College receives $1 million gift from Barnes & Noble founder The gi [...]

When your school rocks, and some important people take notice and decide to dish some dollars, you [...]

View from the Hilltop: Episode 8 Coping with lost parents [...]

In the five games leading to the Dec. 22 contest at Old Dominion, senior guard Kofi Andoh has [...]

NFL, MEAC and SWAC begin new initiative to boost off-the-field fo [...]

On Dec. 16, 80 sports management students and athletic department administrators from the [...]

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