Air Force Reserve

Since President Harry S. Truman called for the formation of the Air Force Reserve in 1948, it has been a critical part of the nation's defense. Its mission is to provide combat ready forces to Fly, Fight and Win. Operating in various locations around the world, the Air Force Reserve has evolved from a "stand by" force for emergencies into a Major Command (MAJCOM) of the Active Duty Air Force. The Air Force Reserve currently performs about 20 percent of the work of the Air Force, including traditional flying missions and other more specialized missions, such as Weather Reconnaissance (Hurricane Hunters), Modular Aerial Fire Fighting (MAFFs) and Personnel Recovery (Pararescuemen).

Air Force Reserve is also the title sponsor of the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl.




Rock 'Em Apparel

Rock 'Em Apparel (formerly Rock 'Em Socks) was launched in February of 2011, with unique products that bring personality to your gear. When the company began, they were the first to customize the Nike Elite Sock, spawning an entire market of imitators falling short in their efforts. They have since expanded operations, and the look of the company has changed more times than a Joe Smith jersey. The phrase "Rock 'Em" was born out of the love for sneakers and basketball, where to "rock" something means you not only wear something, but you embody it. Our designs are confident, as are the customers who rock them worldwide. The "rock" is also a slang alternative to the word "basketball", as heard on streetball courts from city to city. The logo represents the willingness to achieve greatness; to go above and beyond our supposed limits, an arrow to the sky. The goal is to impact the sporting landscape, shaping a community and environment that encourages and rewards positivity, hard work, leadership, and determination on and off the court. Do You Rock 'Em?

Rock 'Em has provided custom designs to ESPN Events since 2013.



Bevel's vision is to build the world's most consumer-centric health & beauty products company.

We want to completely reinvent the way our community learns about, purchases and enjoys health and beauty products. We'll do this by developing, designing and testing products and services specifically tailored to our community's needs and delivering on the promise of great customer service and a simple shopping experience.



At McDonald's, we’re proud of the way we're creating an experience to remember: reaching customers wherever they are and innovating new tastes and choices, while staying true to customer favorites.

Modern service. Personal engagement. Great-tasting burgers and fries. Building on our commitments to our people, our communities and our world.

Cracker Barrel

Since the very first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® opened back in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee, we've prided ourselves on keeping things pretty simple.

The way we see it, our mission is to please people. Simple as that.

We try to greet everyone who walks in our front doors with a warm welcome and serve good meals at fair prices. Whether you’re stopping in for our homestyle cooking or stopping by to browse our country store, we want everyone to be treated fairly and with respect. We figure if we take care of our guests, well, then, the business will take care of itself.

And fortunately, so far, it has.


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