Eagles Beat Alcorn St. First Time in School History

ATLANTA, GA- North Carolina Central University defeats Alcorn State University 23-14. This win is the first time NCCU has beat Alcorn in its school’s history. 

The Eagles win over Alcorn is momentous for many reasons. Not only is it their first time beating the school, but it is also their first win of the season and a significant tone-setter for the year. 

In 2019, Alcorn went 9-4 and scored under 25 points just twice. Their high-powered offense has been a staple for years. An example of that is when they scored 78 v. Louisiana college in 2018. 

NCCU, on the other hand, has struggled the past couple of years. The Eagle’s last winning season was in 2017, and the hiring of coach Trei Oliver for the 2019 season was supposed to be the turning point. 

Oliver’s first season did not go as planned, endif 4-8. Yet, what was immensely impressive was the poise of the team after the season. 

They were not rattled but understood that a shift was coming. 

There was a different air in Durham, and the lore around the team was coming back. This game showcased the intensity of the team and the pressure put on every player. 

NC Central essentially won in every aspect of the game and did it more sustainably. 

The Eagles had four players rush over 30 yards, combining for 207. Jorden Freeman led the pack with 72. Isaiah Totten work-horsed 58 grown-man yards, and Latrell Collier had 31. 

Davius Richard, the quarterback, tagged on 64 yards rushing along with 184 through the air. Not to mention his 64 percent completion and the fact he did not get sacked once. 

Furthermore, Richard targeted seven different receivers, with the standout being Ryan McDaniel. McDaniel hauled in all 6 of his targets for a total of 72 yards. 

Also, technically not offense, but vital to mention. Brandon Codrington ran back a 77-yard punt to ice the game in the fourth. 

Defensively, NCCU had 61 total tackles. Considering the time of possession was slanted to NCCU’s offense, this is impressive. 

Although this was a good win for the Eagles, it was not a perfect one. NCCU racked up 108 yards in penalties. 

NCCU has a long way to go, but a lot of good football to play. Hopefully, this win will give NC Central the jumpstart they need to dominate the season. 

NCCU (1-0) will take a week off to recover before traveling to face Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.


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